Sunday, January 24, 2016

South Shore SEO Services

Boston is a very competitive region for Internet Marketing. Most companies do not think about how their online presence can impact their daily leads in terms of phone calls, contact for email submissions or visits directly to their retail locations. Most business owners do not believe that search engine optimization or pay per click advertising is affordable for them and choose to stay with traditional forms of marketing instead.
We would like to share ideas and strategies with managers and owners that can help them make a difference without a background in this industry. Learning the basics can often times put them far ahead of many of their competitors that have chosen to do marketing the way they have for the last twenty years.
First question I usually get from very small businesses is, "do I need a website". Surprisingly, depending on your business, the answer is NO. it is not necessary, but is a very good idea  to have one. Now this doesn't mean you don't need an online presence. I have seen restaurants, online sales, artsists, photographers and any number of different businesses set up purely social media or free blogging sites. Now technically these are all websites, but they are sites that do not require initial investments.
There are many cutions that I will discuss in future blogs regarding this strategy. But in the meantime, the most important thing is to get started.